ACCC’s Medical Cannabis

ACCC cultivates our own medical cannabis under the best conditions for safety, cleanliness, and optimum freshness. Our members get to obtain the finest grade medical cannabis as it comes right off the production line. Our primary focus is the cultivation of strains of cannabis with high levels of CBD’s. We understand that starting with good genetics makes great medicine, so we focus on obtaining original seeds and cultivating them to grow the best natural cannabis for our clients.

Our medical cannabis

is stored in air-tight storage containers under temperature and humidity controlled rooms. Our medical cannabis is grown with clean indoor air quality using UV light filtration and optimum ventilation for cultivation. We use the best technology to ensure safe energy management and totally clean, climate controlled growing environments.

Our medicine is cultivated with no shortcuts, pesticides or chemical enhancers to preserve and maintain clean, natural medicine in its most natural state. As a member, you can login to our up-to-date and diverse resource of available medical cannabis. Each unique strain has information about the potency and effects of the medicine with guaranteed fresh production.

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